The Name
What began several years ago as a handful of blogs on various topics is now under one roof.  The name of the very first blog says it all, so we kept it for the website.  We hope you like the ring of it as much as we do, and that it inspires you to trace the deeper patterns you find as you explore the rich tapestry of life.  (For more see Tracing the Thread.)
The Golden Thread of Life features insights and analysis on history, spirituality, health, and the arts.  It is fueled by passionate curiosity and a desire to roam freely through a universe of ideas.  The result is a multi-disciplinary journey through life’s lasting truths and guiding principles.
Life should be lived fully—eyes wide open, mind eager to learn, and heart ready to give and receive.  We believe in living life boldly and thinking outside the box.  That’s why the pioneer spirit is alive and well here, and the organic process of creativity, innovation, and commerce is cultivated and celebrated.  
The Golden Thread of Life is a proponent and protector of free speech—the quintessential expression of individual liberty, and the bellwether of all other natural freedoms.
We’re also always cognizant of the Golden Rule.  Civilization demands civility, harmony, and cooperation, even as our individuality necessitates that we don’t always (or often) see things in quite the same light.
Diverging points of view are an encouraging sign of individual freedom—a freedom to be true to ourselves that goes hand in hand with a responsibility to grant others the same courtesy.  
This publication is unabashedly nerdy: knowledge is cool.  In fact, we believe that constantly learning is more thrilling than driving a Ferrari Enzo or a Lamborghini Aventador.  Although, on second thought...if you happen to own a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and feel like dropping by, we’d be happy to put down that book and take a ride.  
We may be thinkers, but unless sleek cars, fighter planes, innovative technology, martial arts, and groovy music are your definition of stuffy, we’re definitely not that.  So we invite you to take a spin through a richly textured world of inspiration, information, and exploration.
The Golden Thread of Life aims to inspire, entertain, and educate.  Its purpose is to provide perspective and context for a greater appreciation of history and the universal questions posed by individuals throughout the ages.   
Life is a spiritual and intellectual treasure hunt in which the treasure is found one day at a time.  The study of civilization’s peaks and valleys can put us on the right track.  We know we’re getting close when we find and follow that golden thread that lies just beneath the surface awaiting discovery by sharp-eyed investigators.
The Golden Thread of Life seeks to highlight and connect clues often missed by the casual observer and academia alike.  Above all, we hope to encourage in our readers a great love of exploring, learning, and growing.  
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